Brand Strategy & Communication

Master the art of brand strategy and communication with ICSC's Brand Strategy & Communication program. Gain insights into brand development, positioning, and effective communication strategies to build strong and impactful brands.


The Brand Strategy & Communication program at ICSC offers a comprehensive exploration of the intricate relationship between branding, strategy, and effective communication. Designed for professionals seeking to enhance brand equity, engage audiences, and drive organizational success, this program delves into the strategic nuances of building and managing brands in today’s dynamic market landscape.

Participants in the program gain insights into the fundamental principles of brand strategy, including brand positioning, differentiation, and value proposition development. They also explore the role of communication in shaping brand perceptions, building brand awareness, and fostering brand loyalty among consumers.

Through a combination of case studies, interactive workshops, and real-world projects, participants develop the skills and knowledge needed to craft compelling brand narratives, develop integrated communication campaigns, and leverage emerging technologies to enhance brand experiences.

Programme Objectives

Why pursue this?

ICSC Initiatives Future Communications
Participants acquire the tools and techniques to strategically manage brand assets, strengthen brand identity, and enhance brand perception among target audiences, resulting in increased brand equity and market competitiveness.
ICSC Initiatives Development Communication
The program equips participants with the strategies to engage audiences across various touchpoints, foster meaningful connections, and cultivate brand advocates who are loyal to the brand.

Call for change: Educational & Research Institutions

We are calling for proposals from educational institutions to send students, researchers, and scholars for further research and analysis in the Brand Strategy & Communication program. Contact us for more information.

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