ICSC Initiatives

Welcome to the Initiatives section of ICSC, where we embark on transformative projects aimed at driving positive change and advancing knowledge in the fields of strategy and communication.

At ICSC, we believe in the power of advocacy and public engagement to drive meaningful change. Our campaigns, task forces, and portfolio initiatives are designed to raise awareness, mobilize action, and influence policy decisions on critical issues impacting society.

Through a number of organization-wide projects and cross-institutional collaborations, we engage emergent research questions and facilitate field-defining conversations. These initiatives not only help to foster new pathways to understanding, but also serve as vehicles to advance research infrastructure across various fields.

Initiatives in the pipeline

Some of our initiatives in the ideation stage. You're welcome to contribute!

ICSC Initiatives Conscious Communication
Promoting ethical practices in business communication to foster trust and integrity.
ICSC Initiatives Communication for Collaboration – Unity & Peace
Facilitating dialogue and cooperation among diverse stakeholders to build unity and promote peace.
ICSC Initiatives Development Communication
Harnessing communication strategies to address development challenges and empower marginalized communities.
ICSC Initiatives Nudging Public Action
Using behavioral insights to encourage positive social behaviors and promote collective action for societal change.
ICSC Initiatives Communication for Leadership
Equipping leaders with effective communication skills to inspire, motivate, and lead with impact.
ICSC Initiatives Communication Education
Advancing knowledge and skills in communication through educational programs and capacity-building initiatives.
ICSC Initiatives Purposeful Strategic Pursuit
Encouraging strategic thinking and action to achieve organizational goals and societal objectives.
ICSC Initiatives Aesthetic Thinking
Exploring the role of aesthetics and beauty in communication and action to enhance engagement and creativity.
ICSC Initiatives Revolution & Communication
Investigating the transformative impact of communication technologies on society and industry.
ICSC Initiatives Strategic Nation
Empowering individuals and organizations with strategic thinking to navigate complex landscapes and achieve sustainable growth.
ICSC Initiatives Future Communications
Exploring emerging trends and technologies to shape the future of communication and connectivity in a digital world.
ICSC Initiatives Brand Building Blocks
Building strong foundations for brands through strategic messaging, storytelling, and engagement to foster brand loyalty and trust.