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If you resonate with our vision and ideas you can contribute to our action by various means. We, being a non-profit, depend on offerings and gifts from good-spirited people like you to make our dreams of a better world come true. We succeed because of the rightful mix of idealists and realists in our midst. If you are one amongst it or a bit of both of them it would be a pleasure to work with you and progress together.         

At ICSC, we believe in objectively looking at the problems and finding possible solutions. We strategically plan the actions which can be actuated to execute the solutions. Our action plans usually start with a want of resources and this is where the contribution can make all the difference. By volunteering, you give us your minutes and manpower. By providing your expertise you give us mastery. And by donating you give us the money and materials to perform. 

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Contribute to make change

Your contribution will advance Strategy & Communication in multiple ways

Your contribution will help advance research, analyse and articulate in various thematic field.
You may contribute towards developing new courses, coaching modules, and training sessions.
Your support will help ICSC with events, publications, and other campaign materials.

Good communication is the link between confusion and clarity

Nat Turner

Ways to Contribute!

You may contribute in the following ways.

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Share your expertise remotely

We at the International Centre for Strategy and Communications (ICSC) believe that sharing expertise remotely is more important now than ever before. As a global think tank, we focus on advancing knowledge in the field of strategy and communication, and we offer skill development opportunities, coaching, and training sessions to help individuals enhance their professional purview and influence.

We invite you to join us in sharing your expertise remotely, whether through online courses, webinars, or virtual conferences. Your contributions will help us build a better society, economy, and environment for future generations. Together, let’s push the envelope and advance the field of strategy and communication.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Volunteer at Auroville

Are you looking for a meaningful way to give back to the community? Do you have a passion for conscious communication? ICSC Auroville is currently seeking volunteers to join our team. As an international think tank, we offer opportunities for skill development, professional growth, and networking. Our focus on advancing knowledge in strategy, communication, and conscious actions makes us a unique and exciting organization to be a part of. By volunteering with ICSC Auroville, you will be contributing to our mission of creating a better society, economy, and environment for future generations. Join us today and make a difference!

If you’re motivated and committed towards the ideals of conscious communication, you are welcome to Auroville to volunteer with us.

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Donate to the Cause

If you believe in the power of communication, help us advance our work by donating generously towards ICSC.

We kindly request your support for the International Centre for Strategy and Communications (ICSC), a nonprofit think tank that focuses on advancing knowledge in the fields of strategy and communication. Your generous donations will enable ICSC to provide skill-development opportunities for young individuals, professional development for industry experts, networking options, and create events to serve multiple sectors through strategy and communication. ICSC acts as a repository of international knowledge in the field of strategy and communication and your contribution will help us advance our research, publications, events, and create free resources for members from underprivileged communities. Thank you for your support.

Write to us: icsc@auroville.org.in

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