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A thinktank for inspiration, inquiry, insights, ideation, innovation, integration, and introspection in the field of strategy & communication.


A center for inspiration, inquiry, insights, ideation, innovation, integration, and introspection in the field of strategy & communication. ICSC is an international think tank of strategists, communicators, academicians, innovators, thought leaders, educators and information technologists who focus on advancing knowledge in the field of strategy, communication-centric, research-based information, and conscious actions. ICSC offers programmes related to various fields, wherein the leading voices of strategy and communication can look at various challenges facing humanity from various perspectives, and put forth a strategic actionable plan and a sustainable means to communicate the purpose, process, progress, performance, and the payoff. It provides opportunities for experienced as well as young fellows to dive deeper and fish for solutions. ICSC also support professional development through various coaching and training sessions. ICSC also provides networking options for members to enhance their purview and influence. Our rigorous research on a multitude of topics is followed by relevant publications and campaigns to magnify the impact in various sectors. ICSC acts as a repository of international knowledge in the field of strategy and communication.

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Vision - ICSC

ICSC aims to inspire, initiate, and integrate knowledge, practice, and people
in the field of Strategy and Communications.

ICSC Mission – explore


ICSC Mission – educate


ICSC Mission – engage


ICSC Mission – empower


International Centre for Strategy and Communications (ICSC) is an intentional future-oriented institution with grand plans in the field of Strategy and Communications. Our outlook is global in nature and we plan to advance knowledge and practice in the strategic thinking arena and sustainable communications solutions. Our human-centred institution endeavours to inspire students, help initiate young professionals in our field of work, and integrate academicians, thought leaders, subject matter experts, successful entrepreneurs and policymakers to push the envelope. 

The field of strategy is a well-established notion amongst developed countries and leading corporations and nonprofit organisations. However, the application of strategic models is not limited to them and can have wide implications. It is an essential skill which may be applied across all sectors. If we want to build a better society, economy, environment, etc. for our future generations, we need to have an overarching and long-term outlook. Strategic thinking will provide us with the temperament to have a broader view. 

Communication is also an important part of our personal or work life. Communication goes by various names, depending on the sector – advertising, outreach, promotion, etc. Though we often expect the action to speak for itself, in reality, a lot needs to be done to speak about the actions, for them to succeed. Communication can be the difference between make and break. Communication is crucial.

For any action to be successful, the twin underlying but essential aspects of strategy and communication are a must. Strategic planning is an absolute necessity to have a long-term view, a focused approach to work, and sustainable communication roadmaps are additional factors to back the strategic plans. The success of any initiative, idea, business, pursuit, or passion is deeply dependent on strategy and communication, and this is true across the globe. ICSC strives to help you succeed by advancing and assisting with these two critical factors. 

We undertake research in the field of strategy and communication in conjunction with various sectors and industries. We study previous research and compare, correlate and concretise, and contextualise them for contemporary requirements. We look at mystic Eastern models as well as rustic Western theories and integrate them into new globalised environments.

Our courses and coaching exercises are built upon the extensive research conducted in-house. They are designed to benefit a wide range of students, amateurs and professionals. Additionally, our membership options are a bedrock for the interested people to grow their network, knowledge and opportunities in their area of expertise. Our objective to enhance, engage and empower students and professionals alike has led to various publications and events and initiatives. 

Our programmes are run periodically throughout the year and conducted internationally at multiple locations, in partnership with prestigious institutions. 

ICSC is headquartered in Auroville, an international township, based on the ideas and ideals of Sri Aurobindo. ICSC is a part of Auroville Foundation, an autonomous institution under the Ministry of Education, Government of India. Auroville is a UNESCO-recognised site for advanced education and research. Auroville International has chapters all over the world and is active in advancing the purpose of Auroville. 

ICSC is a nonprofit entity that works in pursuit of excellence in strategy and communication, thanks to generous support from individuals, institutions and incorporations from around the world. Your further support will help us in our endeavour to educate, explore, empower and engage the fraternity of strategy and communication. Your help will advance our research, make our publications better, enrich our events, and create free resources for members from underprivileged communities. You may also choose to sponsor students in institutions of your choice, to help them build skills in the areas of strategy and communication. 

ICSC Objectives

ICSC plays a crucial role in contributing to various fields

Identifying and Analyzing Emerging Issues:

Through continuous research and engagement with stakeholders, ICSC identifies emerging trends and challenges in the fields of strategy and communication. By staying abreast and ahead of the curve of current developments, ICSC helps anticipate future issues and opportunities, enabling proactive responses from policymakers, businesses, and other stakeholders.

Providing Independent Research and Analysis:

ICSC conducts independent research and analysis on a wide range of topics related to strategy and communication. By maintaining objectivity and academic rigor, ICSC produces high-quality research outputs that contribute valuable insights to the field. These research findings serve as a foundation for informed decision-making and evidence-based practice.

Informing Public Policy Debates:

ICSC’s research outputs and expertise contribute to public policy debates at local, national, and international levels. By providing policymakers with evidence-based recommendations and actionable insights, ICSC helps shape policy agendas and inform legislative processes. Through engagement with policymakers and advocacy efforts, ICSC promotes policies that advance the public interest and address key societal challenges.

Offering Critical Perspectives on Existing Practices:

ICSC offers critical perspectives on existing practices in strategy and communication. By challenging conventional wisdom and interrogating established norms, ICSC fosters innovation and drives positive change in the field. Through its research publications, events, and educational programs, ICSC encourages dialogue and debate around best practices and emerging trends.

Connecting Research with the Real World:

ICSC bridges the gap between research and real-world application by translating academic insights into actionable strategies and practical solutions. Through partnerships with industry stakeholders, government agencies, and civil society organizations, ICSC facilitates knowledge transfer and fosters collaboration to address pressing societal challenges. By connecting research with the needs of communities and organizations, ICSC maximizes its impact and relevance in the field.

Communication works for those who work at it

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Why Strategy and Communication

The purpose and objectives

ICSC about Longterm Vision
At ICSC, we look beyond immediate challenges to cultivate a long-term vision for success. By integrating strategic foresight with effective communication, we pave the way for transformative growth and enduring impact.
ICSC about Broader Perspective
Strategy and communication offer a broader perspective on navigating complexity and driving innovation. By embracing diverse viewpoints and interdisciplinary approaches, we unlock new possibilities and opportunities for growth and development.
ICSC about Deeper Understanding
Through rigorous research and insightful analysis, we delve into the intricacies of human behavior, societal dynamics, and organizational culture, empowering individuals and organizations to communicate with clarity, purpose, and impact.

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